You heard it here first! It is time to get your money in for this year’s hockey tour.

If you have been on tour before then you know what this is all about but if you haven’t then here’s the synopsis…

Everyone is invited to come on hockey tour. We go to Newbury in May and it is CAMPING. We drink lots and have loads of fun. We ‘play’ some hockey on grass (mostly with drink in our hands). This is a fantastic opportunity to meet people who you do not already know in the club as it is a mixed tour and in the past we have had a range of people from all the teams within the club.

The timetable of tour tends to be:

Friday – Set up camp, have a BBQ then go to the clubhouse for karaoke and disco!

Saturday – Play some hockey, eat, go to clubhouse for another disco!

Sunday – Play some hockey then in the evening is the FANCY DRESS disco in town (a pub in Newbury is hired out for the night just for hockey tour and food is provided)

Monday – Pack up and say your goodbyes! 🙁 Breakfast is provided at Gassan’s Food Van.

Essential Info:

When: Friday May 1st – Monday May 4th (this is a bank holiday)

Cost: £100 – this includes the cost of tour, t-shirt and hoody. The tour cost covers lunches on Saturday and Sunday, dinner on Sunday and Breakfast on Monday. It also covers entry to the pub for the Sunday night.

Payment: This year we would like to receive all of your money through online transfer as it makes it easier for us to manage but if you have a problem with this please do speak to us (Leanne Birley or Daniel Peachey).

The whole amount is due in by Friday 3rd April (Good Friday). We don’t mind if you do it in installments as long as you mark each payment with your name and surname. We have to be strict with this date as we have to pay the tour people and order the t-shirts in the following week.

Please make an enquiry using the link for the bank details.

Teams: Last year we took 2 mixed teams. We need to get all of your money in by the deadline to decide how many teams we take this year.

T-Shirts and Hoodies: You will get a ‘tour name’ on the back of your t-shirt so any nicknames you have or would like to have please let us know or we’ll think of one for you!

Fancy Dress Theme: This year’s theme is ‘Hammered House of Horrors’. We have thoughts of linking this to Middle Earth maybe Orcs Uruk-Hai, Ring Wraiths, Nazgul, Saruman, Sauron etc. If you have any other ideas please let us know!

Website: Newbury Hockey Festival have their own website with more info and more pictures on it, please have a look:

Please let us know if you are coming either by e-mail using the form below or just tell one of us at hockey and get your money in ASAP.

If there are any questions at all please either email Leanne or speak to us at hockey. If you don’t know who we are please ask your captains to point us out, we are generally always around on a Saturday and we are always at training on a Tuesday!

That’s all for now tour people…..

Leanne and Dan Peachey……… aka Leon and Danger

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