Berkeley 3 
05/10/2019, 1:15 pm
12 - 0
Knowle 3
Bradley Stoke Community School
Ladies 2nd XI

Match Report

Ladies 2s won 12-0

With a full squad of sixteen, the ladies were eager to build on last week’s victory as they returned home to face Knowle. Although we were hopeful, who would have thought double digits was possible?

Glos provide united as one from the off, with swift 1-2s from the mids, Glos moved the ball up the pitch with little challenge. Within the first seven minutes of the game, LB was well positioned to received Hole’s ball and find the back of the goal, securing an early lead. The first half continued similarly, with goals from Karen, Mandy, Kirsty and another from LB. It was clear that we were slowly tiring in the final five, as Knowle found a break – but luckily our defence proved as strong as ever and kept them at bay. Glos were 5-0 up when the whistle went for half time.

After a quick pep talk from Captain Peachey, and wishes for a goal within the first five minutes, the team were ready. Glos were determined to keep up the tempo, and LB once again placed the ball past the keeper. Graciously, LB shared the goals around this week, and finished the game with a hattrick. The second half continued much as the first, as the goals rained for Glos with goals from Kirsty, Player (2), Mandy (2, resulting in her first hattrick for the club) and Lynn.

There should be a special note for Mandy’s second goal of the game. After being warned against using the reverse, Player reversed the ball across the D, which found Mandy, unable to move her feet, who reversed the ball passed the keeper and into the goal. Despite this going again the team’s rules, Captain Peachey was still ecstatic with another goal from the team.

It was a full team effort, with everyone fully committed to the cause which was clear as Glos continued to drive the ball until the final whistle. The match finished 12-0.

21 goals in two games in an outstanding achievement for the ladies 2s (pretty sure this is a team record, maybe even a club record?) who are hoping to continue with their luck as they travel away to play BAPS.

Shout out to Harry for umpiring 😊