Central 2 
30/11/2019, 3:30 pm
5 - 1
Priory School
Mens 1st XI

Match Report

The afternoon push back threw off a few circadian rhythems with the reds used to getting up and going. As the dark began to set over the pitch the players took to playing. The reds were on the back foot for the opening minutes and the desire of WSM was clear for all to see. The WSM appointed umpire kindly gave the travellers a break by way of taking time to shout at the captain and another player for appealing; despite one simply asking the opposition to stop interferring with the ball once a foul was given against them and the other telling a teammate to work harder. Ufortunately the resourcefulness of the umpire to find a method of giving a rest was to no avail and although pressure was briefly relieved at times WSM opened the scoring, making forward possession pay. After a period no longer than five minutes South Glos equalised with a rebound from a short corner pounced upon by Hean and tucked into the corner of the goal. The celebration role reversal sped up this time as WSM’s lead was restored.

Going into the half South Glos knew that they had to move the ball quicker and above all work harder. While desire remained the ability to get the ball forward accurately diminished and gave the ball away to a leading side happy to hold back and seize upon errors. A third goal for the away side cemented the counter-attack position. Although comfortably winning at the time a WSM player saw the red mist descend following a stick tackle against him, however even physical grapping of the neck would not land him seeing red as he should, the WSM appointed umpire threatening to walk off of the field were a red card be issued against his affiliated club member. Pressing for equalisers as they should, the away side left themselves open to the counter and a following two goals finished off the scoring.


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