Central 2 
09/03/2019, 2:00 pm
Swindon A
3 - 5
Isambard Community School
Mens 1st XI

Match Report

The lads rocked up in Swindon in their usual red kit silently counting the number of opposition men ready to take to the field once the previous game ended. The count went 3 above the same of those in red playing with the bare 11 due to an illness absence for the returning Puplett. Cause of illness remains unknown but medical history and public knowledge of diet would imply that it is toilet related.

It was clear that Swindon would be dangerous from the outset. Young lads with good skills were happy to run at defenders. The same lads were hungry to put apply pressure on South Glos in their own half making life difficult. However, once the ball found Gilbert and Spink in the wide positions, isolating the bright Orange kitted full backs and tearing their hopes and dreams to shreds. One such move fed the centrally lying Payne who passed onto Spink to tuck away. One expected him to reel away with a finger to his lips, silencing those who doubt his position as top goal scorer but in typical Spink fashion he simply jogged back to halfway to get on with the rest of the game. The opposition came back well and a low reverse hit found the backboard of the South Glos net to even it up. Swindon attacks continued with pacey runs and Dawson flounderingly reached to take the ball but instead heavily tested the protective capabilty of a shin pad and saw green. The team did well to repel while down to 10 with Garrett-Downes in the unfamiliar slot at centre back communicating brilliantly alongside stalwart Ford. Leahy also found his voice and controlled the tempo with some nice passing from midfield. The first half was seen out with a South Glos lead, Gilbert opening up Payne to place passed the keeper.

Shortly into the second half Swindon had a free hit 5 yards off the top of D. A lapse allowed the slowest player on the pitch to stroll in without being checked and fire hard into the goal on the near side. Glos swiftly returned to dominance. Gilbert stood ready to amend for an earlier short corner where he forgot to make his run and so the ball was embarrassingly passed off of the pitch to no one. This time he was found on in front of goal and confidently flicked it to the top corner only to see a defender running back to goal to amazingly pick it out of the air and deflect wide. The next attack saw the keeper save from close. Gilbert hungrily pounced upon it first amid a packed semi-circle. Making space for himself and flicking goal bound hitting a body on the line. Once the dust settled from the chaos Gilbert was stood over the penalty spot, making sure he would have the goal he deserved confidently flicked into the net. However, Swindon levelled for a third time from a short corner routine and the reds had to find their feet again. Spink, fresh from a cheeky yellow, breaking the line once again hit the baseline at pace before squaring it across goal. Swain swanned in. Assured of himself, Swain bent down and strongly swept the ball passed the defender in front of him. A final goal to sealed the win when a home side defender knocked the ball too far ahead of himself to evade the hard working Gilbert. This allowed Dawson to assume control of the ball, dink passed unprepared defenders and pass into Payne. Having carried on the run Dawson called for Payne to return the pass around the keeper and stride into the empty net. Payne decided a flourishing finish was in order and so fired the ball hard slightly wide of the post. Dawson flung himself forward in hope, stetching out the stick and making the required connection to knock the ball over the line before bouncing up and uppercutting the air.

Rivals Bristol University lost away from home leaving a chance for a South Glos mens 1s promotion should one more slip up occur.

MOM: Gilbert

DOD: Price (a few points of comedy, in hindsight)



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