Chairman’s address, prior to the AGM

Chairman’s Address, June 2017

Ladies and Gents,
Yet again we have had a very good season, reaching new heights. Whether it was a
record of goals scored, having an unbeaten season, playing at your highest standard
yet; each team has been able to progress and develop. I am very proud and
congratulate each and every one of you for the part you have played in getting your
team to accomplish these achievements. We are very pleased to welcome to our
family some new faces who seem to have settled in at home very easily. Of course
the end of the season also means that we will sadly have to say farewell to some of
our team mates. They will be missed and hopefully come back to us upon their
return to Bristol.

As you are all aware I’m sure, there is a tremendous amount of effort put in to
running the club both on and off the pitch. The umpires of course enable us to play
the games we love to play, which can be a testing job at times I believe. So on behalf
of the club, I thank you all for your service. I’d like to also recognise all of the other
volunteers that are spending their free time making this the club we all love. This
machine works so well because these guys are constantly turning the gears behind
the scenes. I am also very pleased to see that the club has recognised the efforts of
our secretary (Emma Player) at this year’s award night, voting her club person of the
year. It is a very deserved award and I can see all the different jobs she does for the
club, not to mention supporting me in my role It is good to see that the network of
willing volunteers is growing and each year we are hearing more feedback from the
members and improving based on it. The members survey had a good turn out and
your participation has given us some good insight into the direction to go next.
Clearly we cannot always meet everybody’s requests, but I hope that you can see that
we are evolving.

Summer was kicked off with a bang for those that took part in the Newbury Tour this
year. Tour is a fantastic example of our club spirit and team ‘Gurt Lush’ were
awarded ‘best team for attitude and commitment to tour’. What could be better
than a weekend full of ‘Hockey’ and partying with your best mates. I am hoping we
can continue this throughout the next season with many more social events and
hockey days such as the plan to host some Back2Hockeys sessions to encourage
others to join us in our love for this sport. I encourage all of you to get involved with
the social opportunities when they are organised and help to spread the word of
SGHC when the recruitment volunteers ask for it. We are currently in the middle of
summer league, so I don’t want to celebrate that too early. So I will just wish you all
the best for the remainder of the sunshine hockey.
As the hockey year comes to an end, it is my pleasure to invite all members to this
year’s AGM. Please put the date in your diary now. 18th July. It is to be held at
Brewhouse – Cotham hill, similar to recent years. Please see the invitation details
attached. I urge you all to attend. This is your chance to have a say in any changes
proposed for next season. There are also vacant roles to be filled and regular
election of roles to have a vote on. Again, details are attached, but please be aware
that if you wish to stand for a role you need to send in your nomination in advance
so that we can advertise it the week before. This gives everybody the chance to
consider their voting options.

As always, it has been my honour serving you this season. Hopefully I will be back on
the pitch next season so will be able to play alongside you once again.
Best regards,

Tom Monaghan
SGHC Chairman